Michigan Biographical Index

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This is a cumulative full-name index merging more than one thousand Michigan publications and manuscripts. To access the index, click on the first letter of their surname at the left.

For instance, to search for Orlando Willcox, click on 'W' and chose the proper range of names including "Willcox". For instance part of the page will be similar to the following:

Whitman, Martin I. - Wilbur, George
Wilbur, George W. - Williams, Barbara
Williams, Barbara J. - Williams, Wolcott B.

Click on the appropriate range of names and then scroll down to the person you are researching. This takes you to a page with information similar to the display below.

Wilcox, O. B. a6m17b:50; a6m24c:48; a6m42b:220; a6m44h:361; a6mbwf:71,144,174,260; a6mn01:5
Wilcox, Orlando a6m17b:64
Wilcox, Orlando B. a6m01b:1; a6mbmv:58; a6mbwf:175; a6mhsa:Port; a8mnt1:128; br__hj:59
Willcox, O. B. a2hwhh:211; a6m20b:6; a6m44h:361,500; a6mbmv:17,64,105; a6mhr1:89,111; a6mhr2:477-478,540; wydcne:27,122,126,143,169,276,284,297
Willcox, Orlando a6m44h:329; a6mhfa:37,41-42,50; a6mhfw:14; a8mcjk:32
Willcox, Orlando B. a6m01b:146; a6m24n:156; a6m44b:2; a6m44h:49,64,99,254,361,437,454,499,210F; a6mbmv:14,58-59,65,72; a6mhfa:29,20F,263,266; a6mhfw:14; a6mhr2:166; a6mhr3:966,987; a6mhrp:939; a6mxrm:114; a6mygm:9,21,31,93; a8mbgm:1; wydcne:5,147,311
Willcox, Orlando B., Mrs. wydcne:102
Willcox, Orlando Bolivar a6m44h:356; a6mhfa:21,37; a6mhjd:4

Note the various spellings for the same person, even in the same source. If this could occur for a well-known General and Medal of Honor recipient, think outside-the-box for searching for your own family. All entries are exactly as they appear in the source, so you may have to use your imagination to find the person you are looking for. This goes beyond other names they might have been known by e.g. Thomas vs. Stonewall Jackson but also consider the range of sources, diaries, official government documents, etc. used for this web site. For instance, plat maps usually do not list the complete name of the land owner, usually just the first initial of the first name, e.g. Lee, R., and sometimes due to restricted space, lists just L., R. Investigate all these possibilities throughout not just this website, but in your total research methodology.

These source codes may not make much sense, but to get a short title, just hover the mouse over the link for a tooltip type pop-up (go ahead, move your mouse over some source codes in the example above). If you click on a source code link, you will jump to the 'Source Material' page and see detailed information:
a2hwhm     Western Historical Co.     Memorial Record of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan   1895. Index by Alice Thompson, Lansing, Michigan Chapter, D.A.R., 1970. [6,504] 29 Apr 2005 OnLine   Purchase
Explanatory notes are in green type. If a source was not indexed completely [Michigan ONLY], or a separate index produced by a third party was used, these notes would all be in green.

If there is an OnLine link, the source is available online for free. There are no sources available for viewing within this website, but these are authorized links, used by permission of the copyright holder. Click on the link (and remember the page number you have referenced).

If there is a Purchase link, this means the source is available for purchase, either new or in used condition. There are no sources for sale at this website, but these are links to authorized sellers on the web. (If there is no link, the source is either out-of-print, or possibly a one-of-a-kind manuscript that has never been published. Contact me at my email address for the location of these sources). Click on the link to purchase the book for your own collection or to donate to your local library.

The sources are followed by the number of entries in square brackets, e.g. [6,504]. The date in gray - 29 Apr 2005 - is when the source was added to this web site.

You may see multiple source listing for an individual. The method for tracking the original source is the same, however, you should be aware the reference may be for more than one individual, especially when looking up common names [See the FAQ page for more information].

Use this website as a search tool, but I would recommend using the index in the book once a source is located. This site does not include surnames only (Smith's farm, the Johnson creek, Anderson's horse), so don't overlook these citations that may be included in the back-of-the-book index.