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Region Wide Publications

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a2__gm     D.A.R.    James Moore and his Descendants.   1997. [1,323] 1 Jan 2020

a2bscu    Symon, Charles     U-People: Some Contributions from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.   1987. [494] 25 Jun 2005 Purchase

a2hfgl     Fuller, George N.     Local Histories of Several Michigan Counties.   National Historical Association. n.d. Index by Ruth Thurlby, Michigan State Library, Lansing, MI, 1975. [4,124] 1 Jul 2005

a2hsah     Sawyer, Alvah L.     A History of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan.   1911. Index by Ruth Robbins Monteith, Iron Mountain, Michigan Chapter, D.A.R., 1950. [15,878] 25 Jun 2005 OnLine   Purchase

a2hwhh     Western Historical Co.     History of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.   1883. Index by Gladys Moore Reeve, Library of Michigan, 1983. [11,232] 17 Apr 2005 OnLine

a2hwhm     Western Historical Co.     Memorial Record of the Northern Peninsula of Michigan.   1895. Index by Alice Thompson, Lansing, Michigan Chapter, D.A.R., 1970. [6,213] 29 Apr 2005 OnLine  Purchase

a2jhhh     Hobart, Henry     Copper Country Journal: the Diary of Schoolmaster Henry Hobart, 1863-1864.   1991. [732] 27 Jun 2005 Purchase

a2prpn     Record Publishing Co.     Portrait and Biographical Record of Northern Michigan.   Record Pub. Co. 1895. Index by Clyde E. Benson, Lansing, Dept. of Ed., Bureau of Lib. Serv., 1970. [5,554] 29 Apr 2005 OnLine