Photo of H.P.H.S. is from the 1923 Polar Bear Yearbook
Heart HP

Highland Park Fight Song

Highland Park we hail to thee. We are ever true.
Through the years we sing glad praise to the white and blue.
Times may change, but memories grow, dear old days gone by.
HIGHLAND PARK we hail to thee. We hold our banners high.

Fight on, oh fight on, H-P get that ball !
Knock them for a loss, oh for a loss
And when the fans start cheering, foes are fearing
Watch US go, so cheer boys.

Cheer with an H-P, an H-P hurrah
We are the POLAR BEARS
Victory will hold our banners up high
If we fight on we're bound to win !!!

H - I, H - I, H - I - G - H
L - A, L - A, L - A - N - D
P - A, P - A, P - A - R - K

H - I - G - H - L - A - N - D P - A - R - K, RAH !!!!!

Practice, practice, practice...
You never know when you may be selected to perform ...


Post Office Eagle
Courtesy of Arcadia publications

Library Doors Library Entrance


Tom Jones Lillies of the Field Hud
Best Picture & Director --- Best Actor (Sidney Poitier) --- Best Actress (Patricia Neal)


8.5 America Cleopatra HTWWW
Irma Dolce IAMMMMW Papas Condition Vips

BI Ponies BI Casino
Belle Isle (ca 1911 & 19??)
Courtesy of Archives of Michigan

PP Lighthouse PP Fountain
Palmer Park (ca 1910 & 1905)
Courtesy of Archives of Michigan

HPHS 1920 HPHS 1930
H.P.H.S. (ca 1920s & 1930s?)

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