Photo of H.P.H.S. is from the 1923 Polar Bear Yearbook

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The HPHS Girls (suitable for your desktop background)

HP Girls

Connie Onnie, Becky Crawford, Ferna Escandor, Marilyn Copeland, Pat Wion, Jean Burch, Sonia Dedeian, Sue Mullins, Jane Hennagin
Sue Bright, Betty LaFrance, Lois Davey, Julie Dostie, Jane Cowing
and Jeannie Safran tending bar

Highland Parkers at Pasquales Restaurant

Life has all kinds of turns in the road...and I'm enjoying the turn that we Highland Park Polar Bear Beauties have taken.
We gals may not have really known each other in high school, but here we are 45 years later having lunch and have a
hoot of a good/fun time...and that's a good thing.
Since the last class reunion and this 45th reunion, I have connected with some of our classmates and formed some really
nice friendships :) I'm sharing this because I hope that some of our other classmates who were unsure about coming,
or may not have heard about our get-togethers will now hear about them...and will connect with us for a nice, fun time.
Hope you can connect with us at Pasquales. Sonia Dedeian

The Precisions

Top row - Billy Prince, Mike Morgan, Ron Davis
Bottom row - Arthur Ashe and Dennis Gill

Parkers - In Business
(Stop in and say HI!)

John Colbert John Colbert
John Colbert
Owner, Baker's Cafe No. 2
18650 Grand River Avenue
Detroit, MI 48223

Bruce Howell Bruce Howell
Bruce Howell
and the Rich Jasin Group
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX